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West Bulding - 867

6580 Snowdrift Road
Allentown, PA 18106

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About FlexLink Systems, Inc.

From conveyor components all the way to turnkey solutions, FlexLink delivers automated production flow solutions to let you optimize the material and information flows in your production processes – from small installations to full sites. Automated production flow solutions enhances the efficiency in your production by minimizing non-value adding operations and bottlenecks, and cutting throughput time by as much as half. The solutions reduce the total waste and energy consumption per produced unit, thus reducing the environmental impact of the operations. There are primarily three ways to increase the profitability of a manufacturing unit: -Increasing the sellable throughput -Reducing operational costs -Reducing working capital With the automated production flow solutions from FlexLink, all these issues can be improved. Increasing the sellable throughput: -Reducing bottlenecks by balancing the production flow -Reducing process waiting time -Reducing change over time increases the line flexibility and available production capacity -Improving quality assurance and increasing yield – less waste Reducing operational costs: -Minimizing non value adding operations -Reducing power consumption per produced unit -Reducing manual administration -Space efficient solutions, i.e. more capacity per factory m2 -After sales services, reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Reducing capital employed: -Reducing stocks of finished goods -Reducing work in process (WIP) -Better utilization of factory floor FlexLink is owned by The Coesia Group based out of Bologna, Italy. FlexLink has several sister companies which include ACMA, ATLANTIC ZEISER, CERULEAN, CIMA, CITUS KALIX, COMAS, EMMECI, FLEXLINK, G.D., GDM, GF, HAPA, IPI, MGS, MOLINS, NORDEN, R.A JONES, SACMO, SASIB, TRITRON, VOLPAK

Product Categories (9)
  • CONVEYING MACHINES > Belt Conveyor
  • CONVEYING MACHINES > Elevating / Lowering Conveyor
  • CONVEYING MACHINES > Flat Top / Mat Top Chain Conveyors
  • CONVEYING MACHINES > Lane Divider / Merge / Transfer / Infeed Conveyor / Mechanism
  • CONVEYING MACHINES > Magnetic Conveyor
  • CONVEYING MACHINES > Pucking / Depucking Conveyor
  • CONVEYING MACHINES > Roller Conveyor
  • CONVEYING MACHINES > Spiral Conveyor
  • PALLETIZING / DEPALLETIZING MACHINES > Robotic Palletizing / Depalletizing Machine